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01 February 2006 @ 07:50 pm
It seldom occurs that praise should slip through my lips for restaurants such as Big Boy; however, today’s cabbage soup disappointment left me wishing for a bowl of BB’s “world famous” cabbage soup.

I am no chef. Nor can I truly say what it was about Gus’ Coney Island’s cabbage soup that left me wanting to hurl its contents at the nearest Greek waitress in skin tight black denim pants...

There is something conditioned in my brain now. When I walk through the front doors of my work I am immediately hungry. Today I decided to order food after only working for an hour. I didn’t want to bother my staff and make them do the usual drive all over hell's half acre to get me exactly what I want to eat, so I decided to order from Coney Island because it is just a trip across the parking lot.

I ordered the grilled chicken salad minus tomato and egg. They had lemon-rice, chicken noodle, and cabbage soup. Lemon-rice soup is pretty fucking good every now and again but I have to get cabbage soup when it is available, especially because it isn’t something you can easily find in a store.

When my food arrived I opened the Styrofoam container and lo’ and behold those bastards put American and Swiss cheeses on the grilled chicken. I didn’t know it was part of the salad or I would’ve asked for it sans-cheese. I feel especially guilty for having eaten the cheese covered chicken now that my boyfriend is on the Diet Police squad and considers adding cheese to anything a criminal offense punishable by guilt and self-loathing.

I added my own dressing, a red wine vinaigrette that I consume in the gallon amount every week, to my take-out salad. It was pretty good. It was actually really good. Sometimes that place can suck a fat one but every now and again their food is awesome.

The cabbage soup, on the other hand, was thick and orange. The grossly thick broth was this neon orange color with huge pieces of lime-green colored celery floating around the top. It looked like some sort of science experiment gone awry or something that would glow under a black light. The flavor tasted like some fucking asshole put nutmeg in it. There was probably one translucent piece of cabbage suspended in the neon liquid. I pitched it into the garbage faster than you can say, “Can I speak to your manager?”
fearkofnatrue on February 2nd, 2006 03:26 pm (UTC)
its been forever since i've had some cabbage soup